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The name Bimbo Olaitan is not new to anyone who have been following the Nigerian entertainment industry.  I am that young creative and passionate fashion, entertainment business writer, a celebrity media entrepreneur. Here on this page are links to articles and press releases from me. Take time to check them out. Thanks for the love.

What Makes VTEK A Better Producer Than Other Nigerian Beatmakers!- Bimbo Olaitan

The New Found Beauty of Nigerian Music Videos by Bimbo Olaitan

My Honest Advice to Eedris Abdulkareem: You Can Still Make a Great Comeback Only If...

VTEK Is Truly Awesome As Claimed And Deserve This Or More...


  1. This is awesome. Well done

  2. I luv Vtek's story. Inspiring!

  3. Ofcourse he's different from other beat makers, av been wif him couple of times n he's exceptional. #teamVtek

  4. Nice write up from u beanball plz we need more of this. ooooooose!