Monday, 16 April 2018

Halima Abubakar Opens Up on her Fibroid Surgery In India.

According to Halima Abubakar, who was developed series of Internal Injuries following complications encountered after a fibroid surgery in India, has revealed on her Instagram page that she was in Coma for Three straight days, her family thought she was gone, but God came through for her. 

Read her post after the cut;
“Okay I have good newsGod really showed out Am a woman after Gods heartToday mark a year,of my distress and A month ago ,was in coma for 3days, thought I was goneBut just a month ago my family was in deep shock!So I hope you don’t joke about your healthcare And don’t laugh at people cos they wish you nothing but greatnessGod is amazing .look at me all stunning and happy My Docs rock#mysecret#thankyoulord#ozioyiza#Amhealedandhealthy#Godisgood#milwaukee #india#ghana#lagos#Doctors#1year Hopefully it won’t be tagged pitypartyI don’t need your pityMY TESTIMONY”

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