Saturday, 8 July 2017

Exclusive Interview With LH

Who is LH?
LH is a rapper the acronym stands for les homewhich is a French word meaning The Man, I do hip hop music basically and I enjoy putting out good records.

How did music begin for you?
Music for me began right from the high school days, I was in the church choir when I was growing up though, which is basically where most artistes started from, I used to  rhyme to different songs back then in the classroom, disturbing the peace whenever we had no teacher around. I had this small book that contained lyrics of different songs, I used to read it like it was a textbook (lol). Then when I get back home I will write my own songs lifting some lines out of the book of lyrics (lol), that's why I call it back then) So music for me started right from high school.

Where do you get the inspiration to write your songs?
Mehn my inspiration comes from God, things around me, what I'm going through at a particular time, basically things around me inspires me to write songs and I think the edge I have is that I'm a Virgo which means I'm very creative and analytical, I can paint a vivid picture of anything by simply putting words together, there was a song I wrote called *strange* I haven't put it out yet though,I just woke up one Sunday morning and a line came to my head which was *lost in the thought of you I can't find myself* then I imagine a love story between two people that are obsessed with each other and the rest was history. The end product of that imagination was a very artistic and emotional song. I get inspiration from almost everything around me.

What are your real names?
My real names are Olaitan Abayomi Paul

Why did you decide to go into music?
I decided to do music because it is where my passion, joy, drive and enthusiasm lies and life is all about doing what love and what you are passionate about.  A life without passion is a vapid and boring life.

What is the genre of your songs and what message are you trying to pass across?
I do hip hop basically everybody knows that hip hop is the only true genre of music that allows you to tell your story, where you came from, what you have been through, your goals and aspirations in life. I'm just trying to tell my own story and talk about different stuffs happening around us. I'm preaching a message of hope, bright future and love. I wanna use my music as a tool, as a channel to reach out to that kid in the ghetto that he can rise above his background and be what he desires to be, tell that kid with a pair of worn-out sneakers that if he dreams and follow his dreams passionately He can burn down Christian Louboutin stores later by buying any of their sneakers he likes. That's  a message of hope, that's a message of a brighter future. That's hip hop that's my music.

Which musicians inspire you?
J. ColeKendrick Lamar and Drake

You release Dolapo featuring kolaxzey and is a massive hit, how did you come about it? Why the name Dolapo?
I actually didn't know it was going to be such a massive record, I was in the studio that evening and Grossbeatz was playing the beat then I told him I liked the beat, started doing freestyle and it sank on the beat well, then I told him I wanted to record it for real and in less than 45MINS, we had a monster track, kolaxzey was the Brain behind the name Dolapo though, he just said it unconsciously while doing the hook and we both just rode on it.

What should we be expecting after Dolapo?
Expect Good music, dope sounds and nothing but the best, I've been putting in lot of work. I keep working everyday, writing songs and recording. It's gonna be LH season just watch out.

Has music fulfilled your dreams?
As regards music fulfilling my dreams, I'll say not yet, I'm just getting started and I still have a long way to go, lot of dreams, ambitions and goals to achieve so I will say I'm not fulfilled yet.

Why did you decide to venture into music at this point in time?

It's just a matter of coincidence that my interest in music got heightened at the point when our music industry is actually blossoming but you know bible says that to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under  heaven. (Ecclesiastical 3.1) Time to sow time to reap, time to love time to hate. So it's all about timing. It's my time and it's my season.

The competition is very tough now, how do you intend to stand out?
My uniqueness, originality, depth and realness. Those are the elements I intend to use to make me outstanding.

What project are you working on presently?
I have new project I'm working on, it's about people living with cancer and people that lost their loved ones to cancer. It's coming up pretty good and I'm excited about the project.

Are you single, married or dating?
I'm single Beanballmedia.  It's LH for them girls for now but when I find the right woman, I will definitely put the ring on it.
Any other thing you want to say before leaving?
It's been fun doing this interview with you dear. Thank you for having me. God bless LH, God bless Beanballmedia, God bless Nigeria. Shout out to all my fans. TeamLH I love you guys. God bless you all.

Thanks a lot LH. God bless you! All the best in your career.

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