Monday, 10 July 2017


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This episode is featuring a American based fast rising rapper Yung illi, whose single "Take Control" is gradually gaining momentum across the streets, djs playlists and clubs. We are able to get him on board.

BEANBALL MEDIA: How did you get started with your music? I read in your song press release that you're an independent artist?

YUNG ILLI: I got started with music after Tha Carter III dropped. The talent, hunger, and the album itself made me want to be a rapper. I didn't started to take music as serious as I could though. That didn't happen until about 2 years ago.

BEANBALL MEDIA: What was it like to have a successful single release without a record label?

YUNG ILLI: It feels great. The planning, the promotion, the marketing, and the time I put into trying to gain awareness for a track, takes a lot of effort. So it feels greats to gain any type of success.

BEANBALL MEDIA: When you’re writing songs do you have any typical pattern you go through?

YUNG ILLI: No I don't really have a pattern. I usually just come up with verses, put them all together, then make a song. If i have a topic for a song, I'll fix the verses for the topic if I'm off topic.

BEANBALL MEDIA: You are not based here in Nigeria but how did you get your music popping here Africa?

YUNG ILLI: Femi Lawal hit me up one day and told me about everything he did. He told me he could be me get my music out in Africa, and I trusted him with the project. Now we're here.

BEANBALL MEDIA: As a rapper do you feel your strength is more topline (lyrics & punchlines), or is it more tracks & production?

YUNG ILLI: I would say lyrics and punchlines. I draw inspiration from artist such as Lil Wayne and J. Cole, so I try to make sure my lyrics and punchlines are pretty good. 

BEANBALL MEDIA: Why do you think your song has connection? 

YUNG ILLI: I think everyday people battle with losing control of something. Some people battle addiction, some people have problems in their relationships, some people battle with being themselves or being someone else. I feel like it connects to people because we all know we need to Take Control, but at times it's hard to do so.

BEANBALL MEDIA: Many Artists say they got inspiration from smoking others from drinking, how do you got inspire and judging from your song "Take Control",  you spoke about alcohol, are you into it?

YUNG ILLI: I get inspiration from many things, but the main things are my family, and from my past. I want my family to be in a much better situation. I also get inspiration from people who believe in my music and my career.

BEANBALL MEDIA: Lastly, what's next for Yung illi, a video or new single and what's your plan invading the Africa market?

YUNG ILLI: I'm actually putting in ALOT of work right now. The first thing will be a single and a video that's dropping within the next two weeks. Then another single and video. I'll be releasing an EP called "Love is Pain and Pain is Strength" or a mixtape called "The Time is Now" at the end of July or middle of August. They're both totally different projects and won't be similar in no way. I plan to invade the African market by getting some hot singles out, gain some traction, get some shows so I can meet the fan base and go from there.

BEANBALL MEDIA: Any plan to work with African artists or touring African countries? 

YUNG ILLI: Yes, most definitely for both questions. It would be an amazing experience, that I wouldn't even assume was possible at first.  

BEANBALL MEDIA: Finally, what do you have to say to your fans?

YUNG ILLI: I just want to say, thanks for rocking with me. New music, clothing, and videos coming very soon. And, I mean ALOT.





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