Sunday, 4 June 2017

What's your opinion on Dammy Krane's Credit Card Scam & Theft Case?

News has it that Nigerian born singer popularly known as Dammy Krane was arrested in far away Miami,US for credit card scam and charged for forgery and identity theft. 

The gist as it that the artiste booked a private jet with a stolen credit card which lead to his arrest.  

What's your take on the issue? 


  1. To me I see the whole thing like Publicity stunt. Even with the TapJets tweeting about it on their timeline. I did some investigation like searching for his name on the Miami's corrections home portal that was posted online but I could not find his name. Also I feel like maybe it's a photoshop edit. Maybe we should just wait to see where it will all lead to. That's my own opinion on the issue.

  2. The whole thing still looks like a drama tho