Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Meet Moshood Olasunkanmi Adegboro: Greenpage Records Boss.

When you into a dark room and you know where the lights switch is, what do you do?
You switch on the light!
That's what Moshood Olasunkanmi Adegboro does at Greenpage Records- he makes things happen. Great things.

For instance, Moshood created the concept of the video clip for one of their artistes, Bjay Lawrenz's smash hit, AYO NI, released by Greenpage Records.
'Several people came with different concepts but they did not match what he had in mind. When I gave the idea that i had in mind to the video Director, he bought it straight' Moshood told us.

The video clip starts with the songster's face kissing your television screen. Or your phone screen. Or whatever device you're using.
Tall, dark-skinned but clear-minded, Moshood comes across as someone who knows what he's doing.

You can tell that being versatile is not something Moshood learnt at Lagos State University, LASU, where he got his first degree in Mass Communication.

He added Greenpage Records to his mediacorp in 2014, working with a clique of young producers who are in their 20's and 30's.

Once they got several songs right, tested the songs on selected audiences over a period of four months, the job of grooming Bjay all round-hair, skin, face, body building, fashion- for ultimate video/visual appeal, started in earnest.

Bjay Lawrenz's natural swag made it easy. Then Moshood Olasunkanmi Adegboro dropped a bomb: Within three weeks, AYO NI by Bjay Lawrenz , climbed to the Number One spot on MTN's music download and streaming portal! (MTN MUSIC PLUS).

And a second last: 'AYO NI' by Bjay Lawrenz is playing in Switzerland right now. Radio X in Basel is in love with Bjay and they want us in Switzerland ASAP. They will feature us live on radio on their anniversary this month (June 2017)!
That's what they mean by 'sharp, sharp!' in Nigeria- meaning Greenpage Records is double quick.

The chief Executive showed us a video clip of On Air Persons, OAPs, of Radio X in Basel, Switzerland, playing Bjay's AYO NI and singing along while dancing to it.

Meaning- what you see is what you get at Greenpage Records where Moshood Olasunkanmi Adegboro is keeping it real.

Moshood has a master plan in which he will promote Bjay Lawrenz and other Greenpage Records artistes in Africa and beyond the shores of Africa in Austria, France, Switzerland, Germany and other countries of Europe since its a terrain he's familiar with, having holiday-ed there before.

Bjay Lawrenz's AYO NI video will drop in June, 2017. Watch out!

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