Thursday, 22 June 2017

Beanball Meets with Tripple M (Exclusive Interview with Delta Based Fast Rising Artiste)

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This episode is featuring a Delta based artiste Tripple M, whose new single "SUMO MI" gained momentum across the digital space and enjoying airplay on few internet radio and Lagos based stations.

Relax and enjoy this exciting interview session of Beanball Meets with Tripple M

BMB: How did you get started with your music? and I read in your song press release that you're an independent artist?

TRIPPLE M: It all started when I was in school,singing songs of artistes like Micheal Jackson, P.Square and many others. This gave me the courage to continue and many people around me love what I was doing.and they really encourage me to keep it up. And talking about me being an independent artist without a label I will say that is not an easy tasks,but with God things are happening and I gave him all the glory. 

BMB: What was it like to have a successful single release online without a record label?

TRIPPLE M: Well it wasn't easy but all thanks goes to God almighty.

BMB: When you’re writing songs do you have any typical pattern you go through?

TRIPPLE M: No I don't really have any typical pattern I go through.

BMB: You are not based here in Lagos but how did you get your music popping here?

TRIPPLE M: Actually I don't need to based in Lagos to get my music popping,cos good music is not hard to recognize.

BMB: As a songwriter, do you feel your strength is more topline (lyrics & melody), or is it more tracks & production?

TRIPPLE M: I feel my strength  more in lyrics & melody. 

BMB: Why do you think your song has connection?

TRIPPLE M: My song has connection cos it has a message people can relate too and it goes with what is in trend.

BMB: Many Artists say they got inspiration from smoking others from drinking, how do you got inspire?

TRIPPLE M: I will say I got inspired from things around me.

BMB: Lastly, what's next for Tripple M, a video or new single?

TRIPPLE M: I will say to my fans to watch out out for my video.

BMB: Are you thinking about relocating to Lagos?

TRIPPLE M: Relocating to Lagos, I will say yes ,am working on it.

BMB: Finally, what do you have to say to your fans?

TRIPPLE M: To all my fans out there, I promise never to let them down because without you there is no me. Keep listening and keep supporting  good music from Tripple M, I love you all. You can check out my music on all music stores and follow me online @tripplemnaija on Twitter,Facebook and Instagram. Thanks.


  1. Awesome. Nice one Beanballmedia.

  2. You didn't put up his music. How can one download his song. Seems like I heard that name on radio sometimes ago but I will love to hear the song again.