Saturday, 26 March 2016

Seyi Shay Gets Candid on DZRPT TV’s Breakfast Club | Watch

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On the new episode of DZRPT TV’s Breakfast Club with Tec, Ireti and Kid Konnect, singer Seyi Shay talks about females in the music industry, relationship rumours and sabotage!

In her words;

    “I don’t know if that’s the goal of most females out here. I think the goal of most females is to get married and have kids. I think that’s the goal for most of us so I feel like once they’ve had a good run and done some music, and done their thing like maybe one or two singles and then they meet a guy, and he doesn’t marry her but maybe the next one marries her. Then they go “oh, ok I’m just gonna chill now” and then they get fat because they’ve had like 20 kids. Erm, but some don’t. Some just have their kids and they come back and they keep climbing and we have to hope and pray that they have a good run”.

Watch below.

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