Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Kemi Adetiba Speaks on Pressure Women Face to Get Married Early

The story of Danielle Saul who took her own life after she revealed her sadness at still being single at 31 went viral and a lot of people have been talking about it online and one of the people who responded is video director Kemi Adetiba.

She made her feelings known via twitter:

Marriage shaming has got to stop. It makes NO sense. And we women need to learn to deal with the societal pressure

— Kemi Adetiba (@kemiadetiba) March 29, 2016

Believe me… I know it’s not easy. But it can be done.

— Kemi Adetiba (@kemiadetiba) March 29, 2016


  1. Still can't believe Danielle committed suicide. It's really sad.

  2. So many fake marriage in our today society. God help us.

  3. The truth is the pressure is so much, I mean it is crazy even Kemi that's giving her view is also dealing with it as some point in her life. My advise for 'we' as a woman is to be happy our self and not wait for someone to make us happy or thinks the only way out of boredom is marriage. It doesn't work that way. Let's be strong ourself first and again we should not look for someone to complete us bt instead someone that complement us because That's where we miss it sometimes.

    1. Well said. This person just speak my mind. We keep looking at the wrong direction which is bad. Trust me you can make yourself happy and just like Myles Munroe in his awesome memory he once said that we don't even need to get married to fulfil God's purpose for our lives. So many have been married and they are died today. Enough of pressure please. #OneVoice and thanks Beanballmedia for this info.