Monday, 9 November 2015

Road To Honeymoon With Fiona Amuzie And Fiancé Frank Iredu

Our Love Story

Fifi: The first time we met was at The Haven National Convention in London. It was my first time there because I had just joined the group six months before. He was leading the praise and worship when I saw him. He got my attention. Even though we both attend the same ministry, this was the first time I took any notice of him. He later met me on the second day and introduced himself to me with that "pick up line- YOU LOOK FAMILIAR" (ladies, we all know this line, don't we?) Anyway, he defends it to date that I genuinely looked familiar. please! haha...
He asked me for my bb pin then he asked for my number (all in one breath).
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We started talking and I immediately told him that I was in a serious relationship so if that's what he's looking for then he's at the wrong bus stop". Meanwhile at that time I knew my relationship was going no where. I knew I was in the wrong relationship. My mum had told me. My sister had told me and my friend had told me. I had to muster the courage to end that relationship. I eventually did.
Whenever we spoke it was like we had known each other for a long time. There was a sense of peace, calmness and friendship that emanated from within me. Although I must confess, I kinda made it difficult because I wouldn't let my guard down for 9 months straight. He tried to make me laugh. He was just genuinely concerned for my happiness. I had never met someone who was so selfless.
I knew how I felt about him but I would hide it for many months until I was ready. Whenever we were together, we spoke about everything, life, God, love. He is so kind and honest. I knew I had to decide. There was no shadow of a doubt in my mind that he was the one for me. After I sought spiritual guidance and counsel, I decided. It was him or no other.
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Fytta: Met her at a money conference. She sparkled from afar and looked familiar. Up close then; she was not but the sparkle yet remained. I was bold: she was calm and poised. We spoke and the friendship kicked off. We were both weird to each other at first and then came understanding.
I loved her company and the humility mixed with such beauty was a bit unusual to me but it was already late; the brother was smitten. Friends we were still. She was reserved, a miser of trust, prudent and observant. She wanted proof. That's what I'm tryna do still. It takes a lifetime but the gem of virtue and grace is worth the work: one you can take a bullet for at a moment's notice.

Fytta & Fifi
We became great friends.
Then we became great lovers.
The rest is history....
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  1. Sweet love story. Congratulations to both of you

  2. God bless the home you are about to build together.

  3. My advise is, always remember why you fall in love. God bless you too. Congrats