Friday, 22 May 2015

Top Notch Underwear - Buy Underwear For Men, Women And Kids

#ForKids Female 6/1 Pant  @ #600
 Change starts with an Underwear, buy an underwear and your life changes for good.
To place order contact Bimbo on any social media @beanballmedia
Phone Number: 08174304648
Blackberry: 2B9817E6
8/1  And 4/1  Pant @#1150 And #600

3/1 Pack Of Singlet @ #1200

Female Night Wear @ #1600

Female Night Wear @ #1600

Men 3/1 Boxers @ #1200

Female Inner Underwear @ #1300

Men Inner wear @ #800
The color of your underwear says a lot about who you are & getting underwears from Beanballmedia Store says a lot about you. Black makes you practical, courageous, ambitious, strong. For a happy year of harmony and peace, wear WHITE cos it emphasizes natural beauty, self-confident, calm, tender. For a year of rockstar health, wear BLUE cos its mystique, pleasant, creative. For a year filled with success, prosperity, and wealth, wear YELLOW cos its makes you cheerful, loving and adventurous. For a year of luck in your romantic affairs, wear PINK. For a year of the luck of the Irish in your personal and professional life, wear GREEN cos relaxed, complete, independent. For a year filled with a whirlwind romance and a passion to make the gods blush, wear RED, cos its naughty, crazy, full of life. 

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